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US 6314452 - Image streaming over the network. With Alexander Ovsiankin.


US 7024046 - ‘Scaled’ lossless 2D wavelet transforms and applications. With Nitzan Goldberg.


US 7376279 - Three-dimensional image streaming. With Nitzan Goldberg and Alexander Sherman.


US 7454074 - System for lossless image streaming. With Nitzan Goldberg.


US 7831104 - Geometric wavelets based on active contours. With Alexander Sherman.


US 7996495 - Adaptive Selection of Image streaming mode. With Alexander Sherman and Roni Zaharia.


US 8050503 - Computer vision using Curvelets. With Alexander Sherman.


US 8077959 - Stain based optimized compression of digital pathology images. With Leon Google.


US 8125549 - Wavelet based adaptive compressed sensing.


US 8199989 - Automatic fly-through mechanism for digital pathology


US 8300965 - Multi focal plane image acquisition and compression. With Tony Melanson.


US 8421761 - Touch pad interface. With Alex Natanzon, Medhi Venon and Chris Janicki.


US 8605976 - Detection of optimal angiography frames for quantitative coronary analysis, with Idit Diamant.


US 8704886 - Blending of tissue and glass regions into a wavelet representation of a digital pathology image, with Idit Diamant, Alexander Sherman and Karel Zuiderveld.


US 8811695 - Adaptive CT image reconstruction on the PACS.


US 8923580 - Smart Reading Protocols, with Alexander Sherman, Sohan Ranjan, Viswanath Avasarala, Xiaofeng Liu, Alexandre Iankoulski and Tianyi Wang


US 9152760 - Smart 3D PACS workflow by learning, with Alexander Sherman and Sohan Ranjan

US 9756062 - Cyber-security analytics in industrial networks, with Lior Ateret and Evgeny Bogokovsky


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