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Students @ School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel-Aviv University




- Ido Ben-Shaul (Ph.D, joint advisor with Nir Sochen, Ph.D., Mathematical foundations of Machine Learning)

- Guy Hay (M.Sc., joint advisor with Nir Sharon, AI-based function extrapolation) 

- Wael Matter (Ph.D., joint with Nir Sharon, Generative AI)


- Yuval Zelig (M.Sc. 2023)

- Adar Kahana (joint advisor with Dan Givoli and Eli Turkel, Ph.D, 2021)


- Oded Ovadia (joint advisor with Eli Turkel, M.Sc., 2021) 


- Dan Assaban (M.Sc., 2020)


- Ohad Morgan (M.Sc., 2020)


- Oren Elisha (joint advisor with David Levin, Ph.D., 2019)

- Yair Stern (joint advisor with Elza Fakhi, M.Sc., 2018)

- Maoz Cohen (joint advisor with Yoel Shkolnitsky, M.Sc., 2017)

- Tamir Ben-Dory (joint advisor with Arie Feuer, Ph.D., 2015)


- Leeor Langer (joint advisor with Nira Dyn, M.Sc., 2015)


- Iryna Nemirovsky (joint advisor with David Levin, M.Sc., 2014)


- Ella Yehudayi (joint advisor with David Levin, M.Sc., 2013)


- Tal Weissblat (joint advisor with Nira Dyn, Ph.D., 2012)


- Itai Gershtansky (joint advisor with Nira Dyn, M.Sc. 2011)


- Shay Deutsch (joint advisor with Amir Averbuch, M.Sc. 2010)


- Roman Kazinnik (joint advisor with Nira Dyn, Ph.D. 2007)


- Dror Alani (joint advisor with Amir Averbuch, M.Sc. 2006)

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